Seti Provincial hospital to be upgraded in a teaching hospital

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Dhangadhi, December 23
Dhangadhi based Seti Provincial Hospital will be developed as a teaching hospital. According to the hospital's management committee chairman Durga Dutta Joshi the hospital will be developed as a teaching hospital.
Speaking amidst a press conference organised in the hospital on Sunday the hospital will be developed as the teaching hospital as a 'dream project' of the hospital. He said that talks were being held with Pokhara University.
There is a provision that there should be 300 beds in the hospital to operate it as a teaching hospital. Currently the hospital has only 50 beds.
The management committee has said that if the provincial and federal government will increase the capacity of the hospital into 300 beds then five more subjects will be taught from the upcoming fiscal year in the hospital.
A review of the works done by the hospital was also made during the press conference.

Last modified on 2019-12-23 13:12:53

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