An elderly man dies in China, new coronavirus could be the cause of outbreak

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Kathmandu, January 12

Chinese officials informed that an elderly people died due to the new virus that has infected dozens of people in China setting off worries across the Asia.

The Xinhua news agency cited the health commission in the central Chinese city of Wuhan, where the illness first appeared, in reporting the death.

The health commission said the patient, a 61-year-old man, died, as per the New York Times.

As per the Chinese health officials, at least 59 people in the central Chinese city of Wuhan were being treated for the respiratory illness, and seven were in critical conditions, till date. The officials also claimed that a new type of coronavirus may be responsible for dozens of viral pneumonia illnesses, according to state broadcaster CCTV.

However, there is no evidence that the virus could be spread between humans, as per the commission. The initial cases were linked to workers at a market that sold live fish, birds and other animals. More than 700 people who had close contact with patients, including 419 medical workers, have been put under observation, the commission said, adding that no additional cases have been found.

The new coronavirus is different than previously identified ones, according to CCTV.

Last modified on 2020-01-13 09:57:33

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