Health ministry says govt is serious to prevent spread of coronavirus

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Kathmandu, February 12

The Ministry of Health and Population informed that the government is serious over preventing possible spread of coronavirus in the country.

Mahendra Prasad Shrestha, spokesperson of the Ministry of Health and Population, said that the government is ready to tackle possible spread of coronavirus, which has hit 22 provinces in China as well as other 24 countries.

Since, most of the countries have already evacuated their people from Wuhan and other provinces of China, Nepal is yet to rescue Nepalese residing in China. Nepal government is set to evacuate Nepalese from China on February 15, while the government has planned to keep them at the Nepal Electricity Authority Training Center in Kharipati, Bhaktapur. However, locals of Kharipati have been protesting over the decision of the government.

As the locals have been protesting, the Ministry of Health and Ministry through a press statement made it clear that the government is serious over preventing spread of the virus in Nepal.

Last modified on 2020-02-16 12:27:55

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