Bird flu confirmed in Taltalaiya zoo

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Itahari, 8 March: Bird flu has been confirmed in the birds protected at the zoo inside the children's park of Taltalaiya, a tourist spot in the region.

 A sample of dead birds from the zoo was found to carry the avian influenza virus in a test carried out by the regional laboratory in Biratnagar and the central laboratory in Kathmandu. As a result, the zoo has been shut down for at least a month to avoid transmission to humans, the zoo authorities said.

 Bird flu was suspected after the protected birds in the zoo started to die one after another since the past one week. A turkey, peacock, owl, swan and other rare species of birds in the zoo perished, according to General Secretary of the Taltalaiya Development Committee Ramesh Adhikari. A total of 22 species of birds are protected in the zoo.


Last modified on 2017-03-09 13:43:07

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